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Vauxhall Spare Parts  

Fuel + Exhaust

Vauxhall Insigna EGR Valve

Vauxhall Insigna EGR Valve

Ref: 55215031N

This is a new Vauxhall part. Vauxhall Insigna EGR Valve. Fits
Vauxhall Signum with Z19DTH engines


Price: 56.96

Vauxhall Insignia  EGR Valve Cooler

Vauxhall Insignia EGR Valve Cooler

Ref: 55572962

This is a new genuine Vauxhall part. Vauxhall Insignia EGR Valve Cooler. Fits
Vauxhall Insignia with A20DTC , A20DTE , A20DTL , A20DTJ , A20DT , A20DTH , A20DTR , Y20DTH , Z20DTH engines


Price: 519.66